June 20, 2018
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Track Meet Registration

Online registration for track meets is available here: 


If you need a login or password, please click Can't Login?

If have previously setup login, you can retrieve it. If you don't currently have a login, you can create a new login.

Step 1 is to enter your roster, by either typing into the webpage or importing a text file of your roster. Click the My Roster link. 

Step 2 is to register members of your roster to a specific race. Click the Register for a Race link. Select the meet you will be attending. Then select (blue check box) which members of your roster are entering this race. (Please note: This is the meet attendance screen. Unchecking an athlete on this screen will remove them from the meet and from any divisions/events they were signed up for.) Click save at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3 is to register each entrant into a specific event (200M Dash, 4x400 Relay, Triple Jump, etc). Check the box next to the athlete in the event they will be participating in, enter a seed time if applicable, and click save at the bottom of the screen. 

Check the "View Registrations" link to make sure your athletes are completely registered before you log off.

Please have your team registered at least two days before each meet you will be attending.

Once you have your roster setup, it will be there for the race season. You can login and keep it current (add, delete, modify) at any time. 

When entering times/distances/heights for your track seed times/marks, please use the following format. If there is no tenth or hundredth of a second, you need to place the decimal point and add a zero. 

Here are example time formats. 

00-12.65 (meaning 12.65 seconds)

00-62.34 (meaning 62.34 seconds)

04-30.0 (meaning 4 minutes, 30.0 seconds)

12-48.82 (meaning 12 minutes, 48.82 seconds)

Here are example height/distance formats. 

05-06.3 (meaning 5 feet, 6.3 inches) 

11-05.0 (meaning 11 feet, 5.0 inches)

53-06.25 (meaning 53 feet, 6.25 inches)

If you are hosting a meet, please email us the following information at least three weeks before your event: start time for your event, location of your event, list of both track and field events being held and whether they are V/JV or just V (100M Dash, High Jump, etc), how many lanes your track has on the straight and how many lanes on the curve for seeding purposes, list of schools you are expecting to attend, and the location of parking and power for the timing truck/trailer. We need parking and power as close to the finish line as possible for outdoor meets preferably on the outside of the track. Please have a clerk to hand out hip numbers to athletes and check them in before each event, a runner to post paper results in a designated area, and field judges for each field event.