December 2, 2021
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White River Sports uses a wide range of timing technologies to provide the most accurate and fastest results processing available today. We have a disposable tag chip timing system along with an array of support timing hardware and computer systems. Our timing software is custom built in-house to provide a customized solution for each event we time. Our technology includes:
ChronoTrack Chip Timing System
The ChronoTrack disposable tag timing system is designed around the UHF RFID technology. Tags can be worn on the bib, ankle, or shoe. This system eliminates the hassle of collecting and distributing chips. It can be used at various types of events including running, triathlons, skiing, and bicycling.
FinishLynx Timing System
We use the latest FinishLynx Pro camera for the best in high-speed, high-resolution, photo-finish timing. It is the gold standard for high precision results. The FinishLynx camera is accurate to .001 of a second so is extremely useful for sprints and track meets.
We use Active/Hy-Tek Meet Manager software for track meet scoring and results.
ALGE Photocell Timing System
The ALGE photocell system is mostly used for downhill skiing, sprints, and interval start races where great precision is needed. It is accurate to .001 of a second.
Time Machine Manual Timing System
The Time Machine is used in smaller events and to backup time the top finishers in larger events. It's great to take to those middle of the woods splits or finish lines with no power or shelter because of it's small size and long battery capacity.
Our computers are linked in two-way communication to our electronic timers. This eliminates hand data entry and its associated errors. All of the timing data is logged into our computers, so we can provide a complete timing audit trail.

We maintain a minimum of two electronic timing systems–primary and backup–to ensure no timing interruptions. Our timing computers and electronic timers run without line power–using internal and external batteries. Our scoring computers are protected by an uninterruptible power supply. Separate external batteries are available for longer power outages. We also have generator capability for sites without power.

We use Macintosh computers running Mac OS X because these are the most reliable systems we have found. We spend our time at events processing your results, not fiddling with our computers. We have had no timing failures (software or hardware) in our twenty plus years of timing progressively larger and more complex events. We also run Windows software, including Microsoft Office, for exchanging data with wintel systems.

Our computers are linked via a high speed ethernet and wireless ethernet network; enabling us to process race day registrations, timing, and scoring through multiple computers. Our results are printed to high speed laser printers. We provide interim results during the race and final results within 15 minutes of your race's completion.

Registration can be one of the most hectic areas of the race. We can help you manage your data and create a positive experience for your participants and staff. We provide custom a built online registration system for high school cross country running, skiing, and track and provide online registration to just about any other type of event through the ChronoTrack Live system. We also provide on-site registration and registration check in services using our computer kiosks.


Our race day results are published, not just printed. Using 600 dpi laser output, they are easy to read and fax well. We can provide output in up to tabloid (11" x 17") size to provide space for many columns of information--esp. useful for triathlons.

We also publish the same detailed results on this web site. These internet results are always completed on race day. We can email results to your webmaster or media.

The ChronoTrack Live system doesn't just stop at registration. It allows us to offer athlete updates via text messages to phones as well as Facebook and Twitter posts. We provide your event live searchable mobile friendly results instantly viewable from a personalized link on our website. We offer finish line video results and photography linking services as well.

We use digital video cameras with a very high maximum frame rate (60 frames per second) to capture finish line results. We can feed a manually or fully automatically started timer overlay onto this video to provide both position and time on the video signal. The video signal is displayed on our high resolution computer screens–far clearer than the interlaced TV picture. We use the latest FinishLynx Pro camera for the best in high-speed, high-resolution, photo-finish timing. It is the gold standard for high precision results; plus it provides a backup record of finish line placing.
Display Clocks
Ours have large 6" numbers with both single and 2-sided displays for maximum race time finish line viewing angles. We also have full 6 digit clocks to provide the complete time-of-day display, especially useful at the start line. Our displays can be started via the computer connected timers. They can be operated in fully automatic mode to display and hold a finish time. For interval start races we use either an ALGE start beep or a Tag Heuer analog display start clock to provide count down and starting sounds for each starting interval.