December 2, 2021
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We provide complete timing services; ensuring that your event organizing is smoothly carried out. We handle the hectic, demanding race-day registration, timing, and results; allowing your event staff to fully concentrate on the other event items. Additionally, we are fully self contained with our timing trailer and van. All we need is parking and power near the finish line.

Our service continues after the race. We furnish multiple copies of printed results booklets. In addition, the "i" in itiming stands for internet. Your complete results are also published on this web site on race day. They can include digital photos and video taken during your event. If you have a web site, you can easily link to our results and/or we can provide your webmaster with electronic results in text, html and pdf and formats.

Our regular timing services include:

  • Computer data base entry of registrants (pre-race and race day registration); we provide onsite registration using multiple networked computers.
  • Computer generated start lists.
  • Preliminary overall, division and class finish results.
  • Final overall, division, gender and class results and awards results.
  • Internet results posting including searchable, printable & viewable internet results.
  • ChronoTrack disposal bib tag chip timing system fully automatic timing of mass start events at 0.01 second precision.
  • Alge fully automatic timing system for 0.001 second precision timing of interval start, sprint or dual slalom events.
  • Photo-finish FinishLynx timing and IdentiLynx cameras for sprint races, track meets, elite finishes, and bicycle/inline pack finishes.
  • Custom built Sprinter Van & timing trailers to house our timing operations, each with an onboard generator.
  • Full complement of supporting equipment/supplies including a 3000 watt inverter to safely power electronic equipment.

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